Thursday, 17 January 2013

Them There Be Treasure!

We promised to write more about our passion for shiny pretty things, so here are some pictures of past treasures; two wooden caskets full of vintage brooches, now scattered far and wide having been re-homed with other vintage lovers, adding that special touch to hats, scarves, coats and dresses.  First up is the Pandora's Box of Brooches:
A rainbow of crystals, stones and lots of sparkle and shininess!

Next, we have the elegance of a velvet lined jewellery box housing the creme-de-la-creme of the Magpie's Nest of Brooches:
All that glitters may not be gold, but in this box we have shades of topaz, copper, bronze, citrine and autumnal shades of russet brown. Can you spot our superstar brooch?

Humdinger Brooch
Well done, if this was the one you chose! This was a Vintiquery purchase from a Bath antique market and the lady seller in her sales pitch called it "one humdinger of a brooch!", how could we resist such a showstopper?! It was always affectionately known as the humdinger brooch and we've yet to find one that matches its size and beauty.

Another little gem spotted amongst a heap of jewellery was this very pretty margasite three-in-one piece. Consisting of a brooch and clip on earrings, it cleverly turns into a belt buckle by clipping the earrings on to each side of the brooch!  Voila! Very quirky and unusual!
 We'd love to know if you have found anything similar.

Talking of sparkly things, snow is here tonight and in celebration of this it seems the perfect moment to adorn one of our favourite winter warmers, a cute Christmas snowflake cardy, with snowflake brooches!


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